(b.1961 South London)
BA Hons Fine Art Liverpool John Moore's 1984
MA Writing University Wales Bangor 2008


I had been painting since finishing art college in 1984 and have shown work many times in Wales and sometimes abroad. My paintings sold well which meant I could keep going, I also taught art classes to adults and children, and travelled abroad to paint.

Then I got sick!  I took a break.

Slowly but surely I started to draw in my journal whilst recovering from treatment which was spread over a couple of years.

I would sit, and still do, quietly and just draw what is in front of me, on the table, out the window, whatever is available. 

And now these days I paint because I have to, it keeps me going, feeds me creatively and challenges me daily. I live with multiple sclerosis and felt like I was slipping away after my diagnosis, in decline. MS has taken me to a dark place and painting has turned the lights back on. 

I'm working in abstract gestural and expressive motion laying down energy and building layers in paint and collage over time. The work is about how I can express what it is to live with this disease; the unseen, the hidden, the veiled and the bewildering complexity of things that prevent or provoke forward motion. It is also of course about the making of art despite the above. I'm not interested in a thing or a place but in putting down energy and moving eyes about a surface. I work without a plan or 'ideas' at the start, mark making and laying down colour in a chain reaction one gesture after another and I try to remain open to what may happen with experimentation. Collage has become part of my process, collecting papers to use that come to me through the post or food packaging. I use these papers as paint and alternating layers with paint and other mark making materials.