• Helen Lopez

A Different Path.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

There is a place that is between where you are and where you were and what is next, a cusp, or a threshold.

Last winter I could go for a walk in the woods, the joy of being outside outweighed the discomfort I was in. The winter is more tolerable for me, I can get shoes on and I don't overheat so much, and as long as there are benches and I know where they are I could manage, just, with a stick.

Now not at all.

This summer 'Going for a Walk' has stopped.

I have lost the battle, and yes it was a battle - my worse symptom is the MS hug which is a tightness that grips my torso squeezing all my organs, making breathing difficult which in turn will not subside to a tolerable level until I can lie down and fully relax.

Then there are my legs which don't work properly and I have to consider every step I take or I will fall, it is exhausting and it is no wonder fatigue is ever present.

I have decided the time has come for help and I need to get a scooter!

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