• Helen Lopez

being clear

Working title - money for chocolate.

mixed media on canvas


this painting went from above to the below in twenty minutes before I stopped for lunch today

I have been looking at it on and off for two weeks - it has been hanging in the kitchen - I knew really it wasn't finished I wasn't in love with it or intrigued either. So it hung on. It needed to have what painting is about for me right now - energy and movement. This painting has many layers of paint and collage and the chocolate wrappers were visible in the top version but they appeared coyly or just hidden, so today I decided it had to be clear

and obvious. I don't know how I stand using a recognisable brand within a painting but I did anyway. I love chocolate and eat it everyday the wrappers I like too and keep them sometimes this is flipped and I eat the chocolate because I want the wrappers. Have you ever noticed how information that seems 'useful' will be remembered? I read somewhere about a study carried out on individuals with Multiple Sclerosis - that showed how consuming dark chocolate in the afternoon helped with fatigue, that was enough for me to justify my addiction.

Not saying this piece is finished yet but I like it more now, really that's all that matters , there is also a little more movement and energy.

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