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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I read oftentimes on social media that people with ms do not allow ms to become them. That there is a choice - they may have the disease but it is not them. I don't get this it effects everything I do every minute of my day. I am constantly thinking all the day long of how I can minimise what I do so I can do more of what I choose to do with the energy I do have. for example I fill two jugs up in the morning one with milk one with water and I keep them at my hot drinks station so I don't have to make trips to the fridge a few steps away. Water to cool my drinks and milk for anyone who takes it.

I don't go out much because I want to paint and the best way to paint and improve is to keep painting, besides that it takes up too much energy and so does interaction with people. I realise I need to do this a bit and do but not much - I function really well in my own company I can't work, concentrate or focus around other people so it suits me to eliminate a lot of going out. I go for walks with our dog Rufus and my husband a few times a week and do essential trips when necessary. I also socialise a couple of times a month.

So my world is quite small my garden and house are my haven - don't get me wrong I appreciate there is a big world out there, once upon a time I enjoyed travel now not so much. I write you this because I want you to see where my work comes from. I am quite a still person and yet what I want to show in my artworks is both movement and energy, spending time is spending energy and that is what I'm doing. I am spending my time moving colour

and mark over a surface.

This practice is shaped by ms and the limitations it has imposed on me - it is also limitless because it is essential to my being - since I picked up the creative baton again I have something to grow and produce and that keeps me alive.

Our house is happily becoming inundated with canvases they are in all our rooms, at present there is nowhere else to store them - there will be a place soon for some but what then when that is full?

My materials other than paint are found - they come to me on food packaging, wrappers and stickers, in the post, labels, stamps and envelopes I especially like. I use these found and accumulated materials with paint to create something visually interesting something that makes you want to look, and if I have succeeded even swim through with your eyes, if I have succeeded. This is an aspiration an endeavour an occupation sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I have to just keep on working.

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