• Helen Lopez

I have no catchy title.....

My legs are not holding me up for long, painting has been slow. I can stand for a few minutes to make my next move in paint, then I need to sit or lie down.

Last week I took delivery of an Efoldi - a three wheeled mobility scooter.

It took me ages to accept the idea of having a scooter - a threshold was crossed and now I want all the help I can get. Why is it so hard to accept help?

I am now considering my studio, i don't want to stop because it is getting hard and somedays impossible for me to paint, i want to make some changes that will allow me to keep going.

My process will adapt over time.

I have always painted standing or perched.

If I lower the canvases so I can sit in a self propelling wheelchair and move between my table and walls. A vehicle that will move with me, it may need to be powered!

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