• Helen Lopez

Flat Day and A Therapeutic Collage

I woke up tired today it took tea and then coffee to rouse me. I had a meeting yesterday afternoon which involved talking and thinking for a couple of hours, enough time for my brain to be scrambled and for the world to make no sense. I managed to cook and eat, wrap myself in a blanket then collapsed in a heap on the sofa - the sofa encouraged me to curl up and the warmth from the stove helped. I hardly moved for a few hours until bed time.

Today has been slow and I still haven't processed what if anything that resonated in that meeting. I am hoping I will come around to it with time. There is a worry niggling me that my brain just doesn't operate cooperatively any more.

I didn't fancy continuing where I left the canvas that has been occupying most of my studio time this week - instead I went to a large sheet of paper and just did stuff with materials until something happened. Not much did happen for a time and then I tore the thing in two and started to collage - above is where I got to.

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