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Indoor sunshine in November

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Today I cut into this pumpkin to make some soup for today and a cake for tomorrow. Just look at that colour it is pure warm sunshine on a cold wet November day brilliant enough to make me cry out with Joy as the first slice came away.

This pumpkin is huge I would like to share it with more people, my next door neighbour will have a slice but there are a surprising number of people who when you ask don't like it, won't try it or don't know how to cook it. I expect most of it I will bake puree and freeze for soups, cakes and other things it goes well in.

I have an emotional attachment to this and one more pumpkin I grew this year as they are were both grown from seeds my big brother gave me about this time last year. I like the connection - I like connections in general they take the role of reminders and better still produce new synapse -

synapse |ˈsʌɪnaps, ˈsɪn-|


a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Greek sunapsis, from sun- ‘together’ + hapsis ‘joining’, from haptein ‘to join’.

This is gold - like the colour of the pumpkin.

I worry about memory, I worry I will loose it. I make lists everyday partly to organise the day partly to remember what I need to do. I have a first cousin with MS, not close I haven't seen him in over four decades and I was told he has no short term memory what bad luck is that ?- this disease is a bastard and the fear for me and many is - what will go next? Mostly I try and ignore it. Making connections especially new ones is great it means its all still working for now.

I love the colour orange always have - and it has been disappointing how 'on trend' it has /was for a while but I still love it. As a child of about ten or eleven I got my own room, the smallest room in the house, and I was asked what colour I would like it and yes the wood chip wall paper was painted orange it was the orange that is nearly red which was ok but really I would have liked pumpkin flesh orange.

I use orange a lot when I paint it makes blue even more wonderful than it already is, which is great because I love blues too.

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