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It was once.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I really cant buy canvases at the moment, my usual supplier has been out of stock of the ones I favour and my funds have dried up along with confidence about spending money.

Its been124 days now in lockdown and 'shielded', because I had a treatment 2 years ago that knocks out the immune system in the hope that it will reboot and behave more helpfully. The treatment is supposed to keep the progression of multiple sclerosis in check. It takes 4 years until presumed safe to cope with infection such as Covid 19 . Of course all this is guess work at best, but tow the line I will. The drug cost a lot of money, paid for by NHS (because I'm worth it) and I aim to do as directed by the NHS and the National Assembly for Wales and try not to get infected.

Lockdown is easy for me I'm an artist and time spent without distraction is a gift.

BUT from the 1st of August shielding stops.

I have been painting on paper which for the time being I have plenty of and which I love, always have, and painting in books many books, still. Also painting over some old work that I no longer want to keep. Any surface will do in the end when the urge to paint is felt. Paper and canvas seem relatively superfluous when I find a nice piece of hardboard in the shed, kept from dismantling a particularly good pallet.

I managed to buy one canvas as 40 x 40 inches mysteriously became available, I tried to order 2 but they were being rationed, like loo rolls and hand sanitiser.

Not much has happened on its surface yet, there is no Hurry.

The idea of re engagement is obviously more hazardous than lockdown, I am going to take it slowly very slowly and see how it goes. For now the confines of house and garden are just great and I am definitely not complaining. Wanting to paint is a gift, I had 5 years when I couldn't, didn't, wouldn't, now I do and long may it last.

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