• Helen Lopez

Just going for it.

This is where I am today with this piece. I started out with squares of colour mixed from hanza lemon yellow and ultramarine light plus white running across the canvas then started in with collage on top of materials that had come way over my birthday envelopes tissue paper and stamps, I also generated some collage material out of left over paint not wanting to wash it way I use it up by painting on found paper like the inserts in medicine brown paper bags that some vegetables came in and envelopes.

I'm shattered today - I took a day off from painting yesterday to clean the house as it was in a sorry mess and today I don't have the energy to stand. So lying down and typing is the way to go. I think I could sleep for a week.

Another ready made canvas arrived yesterday and it might get unpacked in the morning, currently I am favouring 36"x36" or roughly 120cmx120cm as my preferred size. I would like to do more 40" plus but they are tricky for me to move around and they are a bit big for my working space. It seems to be possible to get to about this point with one canvas a month.

I am quite liking this piece and it is time to wait and see if I like it more or less in a few days

while I get on with another one. I have enjoyed squeezing the paint straight out the tube onto the painting and using the tube like a giant marker and changing my mind and covering it with layers of tissue paper and then squeezing out some more paint on top.

And, throwing away the colour rulebook and just going for it with what feels right.

I have collected a few paper sugar packages which I am drawn to, last weekend we made marmalade with seville oranges that had been in the freezer since last January - it turned out well, a really fabulous zingy flavour. So I have sugar packages, some very nice pale brown paper that my paint order from Jacksons was wrapped in and new paint light phthalo green and Titan violet pale to play with. Not sure they were great choices but that's what I got.

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