• Helen Lopez

lying down now

I have a stomach upset of epic proportion or so it seems - rumbling, squeezing and griping. It has battled me down into a horizontal position because standing and trying to paint or do anything makes it feel worse.

So some time to write, if only I had something to write about.

I have been experiencing a painting rollercoaster over the last few weeks up and down with despair and delight losing my way only to find it again at the next turn on and on........ this is all part of the course of things, a creative cycle, but not always remembered at the lowest depths or the highest points. What if this didn't happen? Would it become boring? Or would the peace be bliss. I know bliss I have been in it but it cant be held onto.

Bliss is flow - or - bliss is present in creative flow, that is where I find it, and where I must look for it, not that it is always available far from it but I have to show up incase it can be


Ailments like rumbling guts for example or nerve pain can for a time be overridden, but not now not today. most days in fact the only activity that blocks nerve pain typical in MS and other neurological diseases, for me is painting. I can get lost in it for about two hours then I have to lie down or eat or both and I do, so I can carry on again.

I found starvation helps when my stomach gets into this state - just resting it for a time, fasting, a few hours can work wonders sometimes longer is needed and then a slow return to light regular meals. The other quick fix I try is coca cola weirdly it can work I think it nukes the system, probably killing all the good bits too but those can be rebooted in time.

Hey ho !

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