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Notes on Process.

Updated: Jan 19

My simple mind - Process.

I instigate a commercial transaction for some desired item and here it is - and around it a possible surface will arrive, beckoned. Well I like to think I am in charge of what I buy but I know this is only partly true I am susceptible to influence and algorithms.

The packaging I feel responsible for 'responsible' is the wrong word it interests me and i like to see how it can be used and what it offers.

- I use it all pretty much. Even the black plastic has become a surface. It holds paint well like a flat bucket and produces interesting shapes and marks in the process.

Notes on process. - a process that is all about using as little energy as I possibly can and finding ways to apply paint without causing any further pain than I already have on any given day. I have nearly dispensed with painting with brushes in a formal way. The action of brushstrokes large and small aggravates my very sore arthritic right hand, so invariably i use my left to use a brush. I don't want to spend time washing brushes and because the paint goes down the sink and I don't like the thought of polluting in this way. So if I use a brush to paint I have to use up all the paint. By the time I put the brush in the water pot it is nearly clean i do this by making increasingly watered down brush marks till no more pigment is available. I work across many surfaces at once so there is always some where to put paint, and when this fails I wet the brush again and use a rag before giving up.

How it starts

An Urge to keep the painting going. (tied up with identity and besides it helps keep me mentally afloat)

or I am awake in the middle of night unable to sleep and painting at this time seems to sooth or at least distract my busy wandering mind.

Deal with incoming material - today so far there is the wrapping from a pack of Tesco kitchen rolls, I like the paper it is surprisingly strong, large and flat and holds onto paint, and an A4ish envelope quite commonly used by companies sending out seed catalogues and brochures, i like the absorptive nature of this paper akin to sugar paper but finer, that produces a slight bleed with paint.

Oftentimes tissue paper is involved in the wrapping of goods bought and this I use to join smaller pieces of surface together with paint like glue. I see tissue paper as free colour. I wont buy glue for now while I have paint ( what is paint if not coloured gum?) I don't need the expense or guilt I feel that comes with the production of art materials. I feel bad about the paint too especially when I use to use it (and here is that word) 'abundantly', I don't now.

I also like brown paper, the best for my uses comes as very nice sacks usually with plants or something for the garden . I carefully pull them apart and repair any damage to create another type of surface. Here is one........about 3 ft by 2ft.

I look at where I have got to previously - sometimes I have left a bottle of paint on my table to remind me of what i have already seen as needing to be done next. Otherwise i look at what is there and somehow the next action will occur. Sometimes I come into my room and see that nothing needs to be done and that progress has been sufficiently made that tells to me these are done. Hopefully I will remember to take photos and then replace what is there with new substrate.

I have to stop when fatigued or often all the paint applied is wet and I prefer to allow it to dry before going on. I like to see white it behaves like space a gap some clarity. I white out areas with regularity to make space and shut all the chaos and noise out, knock it back start over.

Trust the process it works. More to follow on this.

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