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part 1. nearly done with this one - or so I thought

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

a bitty week where I have deflected rejection and handled praise in swift succession. The best first - another artist from here in North Wales Susan Gathercole you can see her beautiful work at -

wrote me a very encouraging email which says -

"..............absolutely blown away by your new work.

It's tremendous - rich, confident, gripping, complex, subtle, bold - gorgeous."

I am of course encouraged to hear praise from another artist who produces work I wish I had done, and is joyous, playful and affectionate.

But I am trying to tread a path where I can locate my equilibrium most of the time. So when today I saw I hadn't made the long list for a London gallery open, it is intriguing to see how far it will pull me in the other way.

These are not equal challenges and the encouraging words will go on resounding for some time, and the rejection will become one of many as I get closer to finding somewhere my work might fit.

In the painting/collage above I am using paper like paint but with more chance - no one can really say which way paper will go when torn, it is unpredictable or can be, there are ways to try and influence direction and edge by folding and scoring or knowing beforehand the way in which any particular type of paper may tear and the odds can be coaxed one way or another. In the later stages as the painting has settled on its palette I will generate more collage papers by painting in the settled palette on found material and use it to clarify or direct the eye this way and that.

I like to use the flotsam of everyday life - labels, brown paper, food packaging, stuff that comes my way, and so the viewer will encounter abstraction and pass through as it were and back to common life. I particularly like tissue paper the type that comes in a shoe box with new shoes - I use this for damping down colour or creating light a bit like a wash or glaze.

Here the collaged material is as much gestural as the painted mark - visually they hold you in their plane then send you off to find more to connect perhaps or not and sometimes lead you off anew. Well this is what I'm attempting here and sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn't.

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