• Helen Lopez

Part 2. obliteration and next step

This is where it was for a bit.......

I couldn't live with the colour combo the purple and yellow were making me wince but for some reason I was ignoring this. Accept it was infecting my sleep and I just had to disrupt the painting enough to see it fresh. And below is where it almost stands today apart from the

digital layers of what to do next. I am having to wait because the paint is wet, there are others on the studio wall but they are proving like dough, I like them as they are and might let them be finished, or not as the case may be, time will tell, probably not, as I am drawn to a top layer of fresh paint, just waiting for them to tell me where next.

I do like the way this might go with the paint being the thing instead of the collage its like I have been waiting for this to happen it feels quite exciting - the collage is there it is underneath and up close it can be seen but it is not the thing, I've been using tissue paper for glaze and next in this I am going to use transparent paint for glaze and just see. Its like the collage is the underpainting the skeleton that carries the paint.

And now it is here, for now anyway.

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