• Helen Lopez

self isolation is my default setting

since going out of the house zaps my energy I don t do it much, I don't have much to play with so I don't waste it on unnecessary activity. I have been on a painting mission since September of 2018 my mission has been to work and work until something starts to happen. I am now beginning to find clues - there are absolutely no short cuts - just an ongoing investment of time and no road map.

I did go out this morning by 8am I was on my way to Waitrose I go most Saturday mornings as early as I can it is my nearest supermarket, this morning it was busier than usual because other customers had thought Like I had, it would be less busy and there for less possibility of being infected. No loo rolls I noticed - I don't get this - why loo rolls? and there were no Earl Grey Tea bags !!

A very slow afternoon I am yet to paint today.

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