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I wrote recently that I know I do not want representation in my work, not a thing or a place or likeness, an expression of gestural mark and energy is what I am concerned with. And this is still true, the last bit anyway. I find the collage material that I find and use has within it graphic symbols, more often than not this is part of their attraction along with colour.

This week I have used papers that have things on them butterflies and fluffy cats, since most early layers in the process are often hidden they may not be apparent for long.

What is interesting to me about this is how often when my mind is "made up" on something or so I think, the process of writing it down (where it may or may not be seen) can and often does become a release of a held view. It is as if an active process can not stay fixed by its very nature is must change, move on, flow like language flows.

This is a start of a new piece I think it might stay a light painting overall lighter than it is here or of course now I have written this here it may not.


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