• Helen Lopez

watching the gardeners, their bodies digging, moving stuff and working together, i had

I had....... the sense that I once new how that felt, to be energetic and effective with strength in my muscles. Sometimes I get to feel this way when painting lost in the process of moving paint around and mark making. I paint standing, even if I start out seated within no time I am on my feet, it has always been that way. I used to have a stool about thigh high in my studio so I could lean on one buttock and be half standing - it is now in the potting shed where it sits not often used, I prefer the freedom of movement that comes with being on my feet. There is another stool to sit on for looking and resting, but the best vantage point for viewing is the second from bottom stair in the hall some ten feet out of the open door.

I took down three photos and updated one on my website today - dissatisfied with these paintings they have been worked on some more.

A conversation with his royal wonderfullness helped me see them for what I knew them to be - dissatisfactory - they just weren't good enough. And I quote "you are better than that" was just what I needed.

Why do I rush toward having work finished?

It is only done when it is done.

I am painting most days, I am putting the time in, and I have the enthusiasm and possibly most importantly I have a motive/need. The website can be a few pieces I am really happy with and that is good enough for now.

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