• Helen Lopez

white wash

My small studio room was getting me down, mostly the carpet which was filthy. I needed a clear out. The only way to accomplish this was to pile everything in one corner do half the room and then reverse the process to do the other half. Walls were stripped and painted along with the ceiling and the floor. Of course I didn't do this work my beloved did, he who ended up enjoying the project. I supervised and did extra cooking.

What I find interesting about this is for the three weeks it has taken to redecorate my space I have drawn everyday. I have drawn what is on the table in the kitchen and what is flowering in the yard. I have noticed a developing interest in still life and plant life and I wonder where this will go. I have been surprised by how much i have wanted to draw and colour, and what is has given me in return. It has calmed and soothed me. My approach has been to just do, not to correct and learn to live with my results.

The only down side is a sore hand. For this relocation time I bought a set of middle range gouache and some more indian ink pens so colour is at hand and ready to use, these materials and brushes all fit into a small box that sits beside me on the pew in the kitchen. I have been working in books, all moleskin, I just really like them and they suit my needs.

Three years of large scale abstract painting halted by redecorating, when I get back into my space in a few days time will it resume? I'm really not sure, I have been 'enjoying ' the creative holiday in my sketch books. I have noticed that recently I am being charmed by still life paintings from painters new to me on the web, I may explore this and why not, I have been here before but nothing stays the same there is no way back.

It is the switch that amazes me, like ......the heart loves what the heart loves.

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